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Tomáš Čermák

Tomas Cermak

Marketing Director & Co-Owner, eMan s.r.o.

“We have worked closely with Vladka for two years, during which she helped us set up and fulfill our content strategy, and also implement a new website. She also cooperated with us to launch a new product on the market. Vladka acted as strategist, project manager, and copywriter in one person. She managed to give tasks a firm order and meaning. I am happy to recommend her.”

Kristýna Bártová

Kristyna Bartova

Sales Manager, Orgis IT (UNIOSO s.r.o.)

“Presentations, case studies, and texts on the website. Vladka empathizes with our clients and provides information that our target audience understands. She studies the issue perfectly, finds available data, gets the necessary documents from us, and lets us know at what stage the project is currently. She is creative, accurate, responsible, and adheres to all agreed deadlines. We intend to continue our cooperation and are 200% happy. She’s helped us a lot :)”

Jan Lalinský

Jan Lalinsky

Owner of eWay System, s.r.o.

“We would never have started our podcasts without Vladka! She has an amazing touch for text, studies the subject, and really thinks about assignments. Because of her focus on your goal, she is not afraid to proactively propose many improvements – and the output is really worth it. If she ever decides to start working full-time somewhere, the door is always open with us!”

What do I write about when I let go?

Sometimes I relax while writing easier texts – the long ones.


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