You don't have to look for two different people. I create professional texts in both languages ​​– or in either of them. Just choose what you need.


CZ + ENG texts

Talk to me in Czech or English. The language of your assignment is no issue. I master the linguistics and basics of the sales mentality of the Czech and Anglo-American markets. ​​I also respect the tone of your company in both languages.


Revision by a native speaker

Two pairs of eyes see more than one, so unless we agree otherwise, my output undergoes a revision. Czech texts are checked by a Czech philology graduate; English texts are sent to my American colleague, graduate in English literature and rhetoric.


Copywriting isn’t a translation

Marketing text uses sales psychology and plays the right chord. It evokes emotions, summarizes important information, leads one directly to the desired goal. You cannot just translate that, you have to be able to write it.


Solve two texts with one Vladana.