I don't sell apples, so you won't find a menu here. Due to the unique nature of your project, the price is similarly custom-made. This a rough idea. If you want a more precise quote, get in touch.


I price each project individually

Why can't I say how much exactly? Let’s take a one-page website as an example. It helps if you send me the corporate tone of voice, written personas, and main strategies. It makes my work easier when you tell me the clear purpose of your website, and pass on the complete materials to work with. On the other hand, we could also design wireframes, put together a brand, and perform user testing.


Hourly rate or flat rate is also an option

For me, two ways of pricing have proven to work. If I price you the project hourly, my rate is 60 EUR/hour. Or, we can agree on a monthly rate and set the tasks to get done each month. Personal consultation is an exception, priced at 120 EUR/hour. Why? I am giving you the know-how I have been collecting for years.


Long-term cooperation earns a discount

There are several ways how we can reduce the price of the texts. The first option is long-term cooperation. When I write for you regularly, I get used to your style, know your business from top to bottom, and everything goes faster. The second option is not to hurry – if you need texts in a few months, let me know now. The third way represents a compromise in the service package – for example, testing, feedbacks, or accompanying texts (e.g. metadata) can be omitted.


Pay before and after

For new clients I agree on a 50% deposit up front. Consultations are paid fully in advance. With regular clients, I send invoices at the end of the project or at the end of the month – whichever suits them better.


Do you know everything you need?