UX Writing means writing for software. Microcopy is a short, functional text. I have experience in copywriting and know-how in the IT field, so I write for software and about software.


Software copywriting

The UX/UI designers can also write text for your software, if they enjoy it and have that particular skill. Wouldn’t they rather be tweaking their design? Do they simply rewrite all the "lorem ipsums" at the very end of the project? Then just leave the writing to me.



Websites, mobile apps, computer games, business presentations, corporate brochures. Nobody wants to read a wall of text. I write briefly, strikingly, and to the point. One word > more words.


Revision by a native speaker

Two pairs of eyes see more than one, so unless we agree otherwise, my output undergoes a revision. Czech texts are checked by a Czech philology graduate; English texts are sent to my American colleague, graduate in English literature and rhetoric.


User friendly content

My texts always follow and complement your marketing strategy. If you don't have one, we'll set it up together. I respect the principles of user-friendliness and all my outputs have a meaningful internal structure. If you don't know what and how to write about, we'll come up with something.


My texts lead the readers on the right path.