Do you lose users in the dark corners of your website? Are they hating your app? Not understanding what you're trying to say? Let me show you why.


I’ll tell you how to fix it

Together, we'll look at your website, point out what might confuse your users, and explain how to fix it all. Send me your corporate brochure, and we'll improve it so it really does its job. Let me go through your app and write down the biggest pitfalls that your UX designer missed. I’ll use my experience or help you with user testing.


I’ll help you launch your product

Are you a software house preparing a new application, SaaS, or hardware product? I’ll show you how to present it to your target audience. Translate your technical data into practical benefits that users will understand and appreciate. Let's see how to streamline your sales materials.


I’ll tell you if it makes sense both in Czech and English

Have you prepared some new sales material in Czech or English and are’t sure if it’s perfect? I’ll comment and proofread your language version. Make sure your website / presentation is written clearly – this is no place for Czenglish or Google Translate.


Let's see how to improve your marketing materials.