I won't praise myself. Let my satisfied clients do the talking.

“Presentations, case studies, and texts on the website. Vladka empathizes with our clients and provides information that our target audience understands. She studies the issue perfectly, finds available data, gets the necessary documents from us, and lets us know at what stage the project is currently. She is creative, accurate, responsible, and adheres to all agreed deadlines. We intend to continue our cooperation and are 200% happy. She’s helped us a lot :)” – Kristýna Bártová, Sales Manager, Orgis IT (UNIOSO s.r.o.)

“We have worked closely with Vladka for two years, during which she helped us set up and fulfill our content strategy, and also implement a new website. She also cooperated with us to launch a new product on the market. Vladka acted as strategist, project manager, and copywriter in one person. She managed to give tasks a firm order and meaning. I am happy to recommend her.” – Tomas Cermak, Marketing Director & Co-Owner of eMan s.r.o.

"I’m highly satisfied with how Vladka manages our marketing. We needed someone to consolidate all our activities and put an order to things, so to speak. She managed that, and now we have a plan and a vision to stick to in the upcoming year." – Jakub Vondráček, Managing Director of Jake&James Accounting s.r.o.

“We have been working with Vladka for over a year now, and she’s become an indispensable part of our team. We’re a small-sized company and our previous experience with marketing agencies was suboptimal at best. For Vladka, our needs are always a priority and she dedicates her full attention to each and every task. Projects are delivered on time, promises kept, and she skillfully combines experience in UX, user testing, and copywriting, resulting in relevant, high-quality deliverables.” – Marian Hurta, Cofounder of ENGETO Academy

“What I appreciate most about our cooperation is that Vladka first dove into the meaning and functioning of our whole mobile application. She then prepared texts tailored to the needs of users, both for the application itself and for all other communication – from mailing to texts for the App Store and social networks. Vladka is very precise and has a sense of detail, but at the same time is open to comments and feedback. Everything was delivered exactly as agreed, and on time. I can highly recommend cooperation.” – Lukas Nadvornik, UI/UX Designer, Co-owner of Loowner App

“The combination of creativity and a consistent, systematic approach is relatively rare. Vladka can devise a strategy and a specific solution, and at the same time create and complete everything. She is top-notch at what she does, has a good overview, and is constantly working on herself, as can be seen in all the outputs. Therefore, you can look forward to perfect cooperation and a lot of ideas that will take you a bit further.” – Daniel Bohuslav, Marketing Manager at MEMOS Software

“We would never have started our podcasts without Vladka! She has an amazing touch for text, studies the subject, and really thinks about assignments. Because of her focus on your goal, she is not afraid to proactively propose many improvements – and the output is really worth it. If she ever decides to start working full-time somewhere, the door is always open with us!” – Jan Lalinsky, Owner of eWay System, s.r.o.

“Vladka is a professional who understands business even outside her field. She doesn’t need a long explanation of the task, she is fast and provides good quality work. She is able to anticipate the following steps, and the whole job is not only more efficient, but also more pleasant. Plus, she covers all the services I need – from website text to animations scripts.” – Martin Petrasek, CEO, Kreativni hut s.r.o.

“I was very pleased with the cooperation with Vladka. Fast communication and discussion, immediate clarification of the assignment, and delivery of the result according to the agreement. In two words: maximum satisfaction." – Michal Jilka, Marketing Strategist, CloseIT

“Working with Vladka was very beneficial for us. We needed a review and a new copy for the websites of our two apartment buildings. Direct and clear communication, top-quality work, expertise, and creativity are what we value the most about our cooperation. We were highly satisfied with the texts in both Czech and English, as well as with the transparent payment terms. We’ll be happy to work with Vladka on our next projects.” – Silvie Cindričová, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mosaic House s.r.o.

“We wanted our website to give off the proper California feel, and that’s exactly what we got! Our pages speak directly to our audience, thanks to the texts Vladka created. She is a creative professional who always knows the right thing to say. And she’s also very nice to work with.” Jiří Pechar, Founder of Seaborn Digital

“If half of the sales companies' executive managers would be at least half as competent and professional as Vladana Bačová, they could become leaders in their respective markets. Vladka understands her field very well; she comes excellently prepared to every meeting; she listens to her clients' needs and asks insightful questions that make you think and do things differently. Thanks to her analytical skills and structural approach, I feel I can make the right decisions. Every investment we make into our cooperation returns tenfold, no doubt.“ Jan Chotěborský, Product & Project manager at Fincentrum & Swiss Life select, a.s.

Vladka understands every detail of the onboarding process for new clients and technical products. After the initial workshop, she started creating clean and precise texts in Czech and English. Vladka also works with a native speaker from the USA, which was also a huge benefit for us.Michal Čížek, CEO at GoodAccess