When choosing a movie, then Tarantino, Fellini, or Jackie Chan. When a book, then Pratchett, Ogilvy, Shakespeare. When sports, motorbike, yoga, and dance. As for work…
I wouldn't change it for the world.



6 years content marketer
7 years copywriter
4 years UX Writer



the first internationally certified UX Writer in the Czech Republic
(course by UX Writers Collective, led by UX Content Strategy and UX Writing experts from Google, Amazon, and Intuit)


Palacky University: Master’s degree
mentoring by Otto Bohus
+ 1 educational event every month
(UX Writer Meetups, UX Meetups, Content Marketing Trends, Copycamp,…)



I write for technology companies, startups, software houses
whether it's Android or iOS, Windows, or MacOS
I enjoy IT and quickly absorb concepts and links
dělám most mezi vývojáři a jejich zákazníky



riding a motorcycle
running my own SW project
sipping dry wine
trying to cuddle with my cat


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